DL Equipment specializes in the manufacture of thermal protection clothing devices made ​​with made with French or European raw material, to protect people exposed to extreme heat sources and projections of molten material in the following activities: glass industry, crystal glassmaking, Foundries, steel factory, cement, Heating engineering, metalworking industry, Maintenance Industry…
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Our choice of aluminized fabrics allows us to manufacture products that meet the thermal and / or projections of molten material more or less hard. We manufacture clothing to ensure the safety of people on different risk.
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This trademark includes PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) made by our factory in Chauny. It guarantees quality products manufactured in compliance with the European Directive 89/686 / EEG. These items are carefully checked before shipment.
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With a wide range of technical fabrics, we can offer products that meet many thermal stresses. We are also available to explore and develop alternatives that meet specific constraints.
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